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"My friends at Fish for Sushi provide the best, unadulterated tuna and sashimi for everyone."  

Jamie Tiampo - James Beard Award Winner

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Bluefin Otoro/Chutoro - Limited Quantity!

July 28, 2014


Fish for Sushi is excited to offer limited quantity of Bluefin Otoro and Chutoro.  These highly prized parts of tuna are well marbled and simply melts in your mouth.  Sushi restaurants often charge $10 - $15 for just 1 slice of Otoro and Chutoro.  Now you can enjoy this amazing delicacy in your home!  See the Otoro and Chutoro product page to learn more about these amazing products!


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Sushi-Inspired Summer Traditions

July 15, 2014

Dragon.RollSummer cooking is usually all about grilling and barbecues. The flip side to that is that summer meals can also be lighter and cooler. Just as soups and comfort food are popular in the winter, summer dishes provide plenty of casual options. So while you may often think of sushi in terms of rolls, you can also give a sushi spin to some popular summer favorites...

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Summer BBQ With Sushi-Grade Meat

July 03, 2014

tuna.tataki.angle.2It’s the height of summer barbecue season, and while you may only be thinking about steaks and sausages, fish can deliver one of the best grill experiences out there. At Fish For Sushi, our delicious sushi-grade meat is typically used in lighter fare: rolls, sashimi, etc. However, with a little creativity, you can take some sushi favorites and turn it into grilled excellence.


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