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For Your Tailgate Party : Chirashi

September 16, 2014

ChirashiFootball season has begun, and with it the time-honored tradition of the tailgate party. Tailgating revolves around great food—even sushi (think Chirashi) has become a fan favorite, offering a delicious and healthy alternative to standard tailgate fare...

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Flame Charred Tuna: Melt-in-your-mouth Culinary Ecstasy

September 04, 2014


Ask most tuna connoisseurs and they’ll probably tell you they prefer to eat theirs raw, which makes sense since cooking can dry tuna out and diminish its flavor. But there are plenty of folks who prefer a grilled or flame charred tuna over sashimi style...

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Fish Protein: Nature’s Complete Essential Nutrient for Runners and Athletes

August 18, 2014

Scallops.SashimiYou’d be hard-pressed to find an athlete or runner who doesn’t depend on a daily intake of protein to enhance their physical performance. Protein-based foods offer a robust dietary staple for everyone, particularly runner/athletes—nature guarantees it...

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