Bring Japanese Flair to Holiday Party Meals with Kanikama

Posted: Nov 24 2013

As we head into December, you’re probably thinking about your holiday party plans, right?

When it comes to holiday food, why go the traditional route when you can be creative with Japanese food? Sushi is unique, bright, colorful and delicious. Kanikama , also known as crab sticks, is a great place to start when you’re wondering how to incorporate sushi into your holiday meals.

What is Kanikama?

Before we get into the reasons why kanikama is suitable to serve at your holiday party, let's learn more about it. Despite generally being known as crab sticks, kanikama is actually not crab meat. Instead, kanikama is considered “imitation crab meat.” That description sounds a bit harsh, so here's an easier way to put it: it's a healthy cut of white fish (usually Alaska pollock) pulverized down and shaped to resemble the crab legs. Red food coloring is used to enhance the aesthetic and other ingredients (such as natural crab flavoring or egg white) can be used to enhance the texture.

Kanikama is a more affordable alternative to authentic crab legs, and at the same time, it's often lower in cholesterol. We wouldn't necessarily say that it's better than the real thing, but it's a delicious and easily available option when you can’t afford or can’t find real crab.


Why is Kanikama Great to Serve at Holiday Parties?

As for the holiday side of things, why do we mention kanikama? It's simple -- holiday colors tend to focus on bright reds and whites. Kanikama is red on the outside, white on the inside. If you're being creative by bringing Japanese sensibility to your holiday festivities, kanikama works great as either a side dish or an appetizer because of its red/white appearance. Add some red/green/white sushi rolls and -- of course -- white rice, and you'll have a memorable holiday party that definitely stands out from the crowd.

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