Hawaiian Kampachi for Sushi and Sashimi

Posted: Dec 10 2013

Hawaiian Kampachi: Good for Your Environment, Taste Buds & Health!


It's cold these days -- really cold! Record-breaking temperatures are hitting all over North America, causing large-scale traffic delays across major airports.

Climate change in all its forms can be scary, but it also acts as a reminder that sustainability is the ideal goal in all its forms. And yes, that even applies to sushi, which is why we sell Kampachi belly, Kampachi loin as well as Kampachi collar for grilling.

Hawaiian Kampachi Fish is Sustainably Farmed

Kampachi belly, Kampachi loin and other delicious Kampachi cuts come from sustainably farmed fish, with no genetic modifications. In short, there's a reason why Fortune Magazine called it "the wonder fish".  And with Fish for Sushi products, you can trust all our Kampachi fish products are all natural!


Hawaiian Kampachi – Yellowtail Fish

Kampachi is a yellowtail fish formally known as Almaco Jack. It’s found in various locations around the world. Kampachi itself is maricultured, which is a specialized type of open-water farming.

Because Kampachi fish are raised without genetic modifications, even if any escape the raising area, they won't impact the local ecosystem. The fact that Kampachi fish can be efficiently and sustainably raised means its overall ecological footprint -- from consumable energy used in catching to potential effects on ecosystem -- is far less than traditional wild fishing. In fact, Kampachi fish farms have stated that their delicious Kampachi belly and Kampachi loin products come from a process that has 60 times less in ecological footprint than wild-caught fish.

Kampachi Belly | Fish for Sushi         Kampachi Loin | Fish for Sushi

Eat Hawaiian Kampachi to Promote Good Health

For the consumer, that means that you can feel good about your choice of seafood while enjoying a delicious cut of fish. Both Kampachi belly and Kampachi loin are high-grade cuts with texture similar to Hamachi, but leaner and less oily, making it a health-conscious choice. Each cut of this lean protein can be enjoyed individually as an appetizer or worked into a roll. Kampachi fish will make your doctor happy, as well as your taste buds, thanks to high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Our Hawaiian Kampachi belly and Hawaiian Kampachi loin has been carefully prepared for sushi use.  The highly prized belly portion is slightly fattier than the loin portion.  Perhaps Fortune Magazine was right: Kampachi really is the wonder fish!

Fish For Sushi sells delicious Kampachi loinKampachi belly and Kampachi collar at great prices. Order yours today!



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