Eco-friendly Choices: Scallops

Posted: Jan 27 2014

At Fish For Sushi, consumer education is a high priority for us. Not only do we want our customers to understand the various health benefits and serving techniques for our fish, we also want to pass along why our most popular items are eco-friendly. Let's take a look at one of the great choices: scallops.


Why it's used in sushi: At sushi restaurants, scallops are served both in rolls and on their own. In addition, scallop cuts are delicious when properly seared. As a low-calorie choice (43 calories per serving), they're high in protein, and the meat's inherent glycogen content gives them a subtle sweetness (which can be increased with grilling). Overall, scallops are a unique and delicious way to enjoy sushi or sashimi.

Why it's sustainable: There are different reasons why a fish is considered sustainable, and for scallops, the Seafood Watch program recognizes scallops as a "Best Choice." Much of this has to do with a scallop's diet. Ecosystems can be upset when farmers bring in external feed, but scallops rely on natural plankton as their meals. Most scallops are farmed within their native ranges without harsh chemicals or antibiotics, ensuring that the natural ecosystem balances aren't impacted during the farming process

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