Eco-friendly Choices: Capelin Roe

Posted: Feb 04 2014

Capelin Roe

Why it's used in sushi: Even those new to sushi will probably recognize the capelin roe (AKA masago ) on sight. The eggs of wild Icelandic capelin, the roe (eggs) provide a unique crunchy texture while the mild taste easily adapts to sauces, seasonings, and natural flavors of other sushi cuts. In some cases, capelin roe is used as more of a decorative addition, but since they're high in Omega-3 acids, they come with plenty of health benefits too.

Why it's sustainable:


Capelin is a smelt fish native to Icelandic and Canadian regions. Because they reproduce at a very high rate, most fishing regions aren't in danger of overfishing. And in many cases, capelin farmers use equipment called purse seines, which are generally safe to the surrounding habitat. Icelandic fisheries are recognized for their best practices, while Canadian capelin roe farmers have less transparency in their processes. Because of that, the Seafood Watch program recognizes Icelandic capelin roe as a "Best Choice" and the Canadian capelin roe as a "Good Alternative."

Fish For Sushi sells eco-friendly Icelandic capelin roe, ensuring your masago purchases come with minimal environmental impact. Order today!


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