Eco-friendly Choices: Albacore Tuna

Posted: Feb 10 2014

In our last 2 articles, we took a closer look at two eco-friendly and sustainable types of fish products: scallops and capelin roe . We’re continuing with that theme this time,except we’re going  with Albacore Tuna this round.

Albacore Tuna, why it's used in sushi: Often marketed as a "white meat tuna," albacore tuna is one of the most popular fish cuts in the cooking world. And while many people associate it with the famous cans of tuna meat, albacore offers much more than that. Its soft consistency and mild flavor work both as a raw cut and the popular tataki method (grilled on the outside to bring out the flavor). Versatile but always delicious, albacore tuna can be enjoyed many different ways -- in fact, many agree that the best part of albacore tuna is how creative chefs can get with it.

why it's sustainable: While not all types of albacore tuna are certified as sustainable, fish caught along the U.S. and Canadian Pacific are Seafood Watch "Best Choice" products. When caught using a troll or pole gear, surrounding species are left along while minimizing habit disturbance. In addition, the maturity of fish caught with this technique ensures lower levels of mercury in the fish for a healthier choice.



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