Eco-friendly Choices: Butterfly Shrimp

Posted: Feb 24 2014

To continue from where we left off from last Eco-friendly Choice: Albacore Tuna, today we are going to cover one of the most popular shellfishes in the world - Butterfly Shrimp.

Why it's used in sushi: Butterfly Shrimp refers to a specific cutting technique rather than the type of shrimp itself -- at Fish For Sushi, we use farmed Ikijime Shrimp. The prep process involves shelling the shrimp, then cutting partially through the curved back to open up the meat (formed similar to a butterfly body and its wings). This cut allows the shrimp to sit neatly on rice. Cooking techniques range widely based on the chef's prefrence: boiled, fried, pan-seared, etc.

why it's sustainable: Shrimp/prawns can be found across a variety of species and native locations. Spot prawns from British Columbia are noted as "Best Choice" by the Seafood Watch organization. The farming process uses traditional traps that generally minimize the amount of environmental impact and allow for clean catches that don't impact other species. However, watch out for other shrimps, particularly from around Mexico.




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