The Right Choice For Salmon

Posted: Mar 10 2014

When it comes to salmon, it's possible to get fish from many places around the world: British Columbia, Chile, California, and more. However, at Fish For Sushi, we've selected Black Pearl Scottish salmon sourced from the waters just off of northern Scotland. It's perhaps the perfect area for salmon sourcing -- the water is cold all year, and the Scottish have perfected their feeding process for salmon, ensuring a taste profile that's unique to the region.

Because Fish For Sushi is an environmentally conscious company, it's important that we found a provider that catches their fish inventory in a sustainable, eco-friendly way. Fish For Sushi's salmon supply is all natural with a fully traceable process from sea to catch to processing to distribution. That means that the fish are raised and farmed with zero antibiotics, zero therapeutic agents, and zero added chemicals. Even their diet uses sustainable fish stock that emulates their native feeding selection.

salmon always has a unique texture and flavor, but did you know that these traits can be indicative of where that fish is from and how it was processed? A fish's feeding chain and environment are just half of the equation. When a fish is caught, its connective tissues come apart within 24 hours due to cellular breakdown. Timeliness is important for processing, as pre-rigor salmon has the best flavor and texture. Fish For Sushi sources from farmers that this is all done to optimize the fish's palatability before transporting the frozen inventory from Scotland to a storage facility. In addition, only mature (2 1/2 to 3 years) fish are selected for processing.

Of course, when it comes to fish, the cut is just as important as the source. Fish For Sushi's premium salmon is saku cut for sashimi. That means that you're always getting the best part of the salmon -- the back side -- rather than a tail piece.

From the wild waters of Scotland to your dinner plate, Fish For Sushi delivers the right choice for salmon, giving you fish cuts that look, taste, and smell great. And with a transparent process each step of the way, you can feel confident knowing that the final product is the best of all worlds: sustainably and environmentally farmed, processed to optimize taste, and cut to ensure the very best part of the fish.




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