Benefits Of Seafood: High Protein Content

Posted: Mar 24 2014

With spring and summer just around the corner, many people are thinking about venturing back outdoors. Be it swimming, cycling, running, or playing outdoor sports, it's a great time of year to begin getting back into shape -- and what you eat plays a major role in how successful you are.

At Fish For Sushi, we're obviously a little biased towards seafood. After all, it tastes great. But fish has also been long-acknowledged as one of the healthiest diet choices around, and in this series of articles, we'll take a closer look at just why that is.

Our first step is to look at protein. Fish is a high-protein food, which makes it the perfect food to accompany a workout plan. What makes protein so important?

  • Protein builds muscles: That soreness you feel after working out is part of the natural breakdown and rebuild process for muscles. Protein is the fuel for this, which it's important to be in your body for healthy muscle growth.
  • Protein helps you lose weight: The amount of food you eat factors greatly into your weight gain or loss. Protein is a natural appetite suppressant, which means a high-protein diet coupled with a workout will ensure that you're not overeating following exercise.
  • Protein stimulates your metabolism: Just like with carbs, the body converts protein into glucose. However, it requires twice the effort when processing protein, which means the body's metabolism is burning off excess calories.

There's a simple reason why many workout gurus recommend you eat a high-protein, low-carb diet -- because it works. Fish is naturally high in protein while being low in fat; now that we know why protein is so important to building muscle and getting fit, it's clear that fish is the ideal choice for your fitness plan. Oh, and it tastes great!

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