Tuna Tataki

Posted: Jun 09 2014

Sashimi and sushi, long considered a delicacy that was only available when dining out; now can be prepared in the comfort of your own home.  For those who wish to become sushi chefs in their own kitchen, one of the easiest dishes to prepare is tuna tataki.  However, in order to prepare the best tuna tataki it takes prime ingredients like super frozen yellowfin tuna.  When you're looking for the best yellowfin tuna, the place to look first is fishforsushi.com.  


Product Description
Cut into seven-ounce blocks of fresh tuna, this yellowfin tuna tataki are from fully traceable tuna and caught in sustainable fishery.  To make sure your fish is as fresh as possible, within one hour of being caught from the sea, the super frozen tuna is stored in a freezer to a temperature of -76 degrees Fahrenheit, making sure it's preserved as well as possible.  To make it even easier to use in preparing your favorite dishes, it's pre-cut into convenient blocks, making it easy to use when searing for tataki recipes.


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Healthy Benefits of yellowfin tuna
As we all know, fish is one of the healthiest food option, and yellowfin tuna is certainly no exception.  With its Omega-3 fatty acids that have long been linked to healthy cardiovascular systems, enjoying yellowfin tuna has other benefits as well including:
  • High levels of potassium
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Helps increase energy levels
Along with its proven benefits, the tataki blocks from super frozen tuna guarantees you're getting tuna the highest quality time after time, ensuring you'll have delicious tuna to use in preparing the best tuna tataki for yourself and guests.  


Why Buy from Fish for Sushi?
Purchasing from fishforsushi.com is the smart choice in today's world of online shopping.  Not only are you guaranteed the freshest fish possible, you'll also get great customer service from a knowledgeable team.  Because their customers come first, fishforsushi.com makes sure your tuna tataki is the best possible by providing all-natural tuna that's been super frozen.  Some of the benefits of super frozen tuna include:
  • Eliminates natural decay when fish is first caught
  • All-natural with no preservatives
  • Defrosting revives it to pre-frozen conditions

So when you're looking for the best yellowfin tuna available for preparing tuna tataki, look no further than fishforsushi.com.  With our great selection and guaranteed quality and freshness, we know you'll love our products.  

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