Summer BBQ With Sushi-Grade Meat

Posted: Jul 03 2014

It’s the height of summer barbecue season, and while you may only be thinking about steaks and sausages, fish can deliver one of the best grill experiences out there. At Fish For Sushi, our delicious sushi-grade meat is typically used in lighter fare: rolls, sashimi, etc. However, with a little creativity, you can take some sushi favorites and turn it into grilled excellence. 

Tuna Takaki | Just One Cookbook

Let’s start with one sushi’s staples: tuna. Fish For Sushi offers a variety of tuna cuts, including yellowfin tuna and albacore tuna. What can you do with this? Rather than enjoy it in sushi rolls, treat it as you would any grilled meat. Marinate it for several hours; if you want an Asian flavor to go with your grilled sushi meat, try a simple mix of soy sauce, lemon juice, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil. Depending on the thickness of your cut, you only need a few minutes on each side for a perfect grill.

Salmon, one of Fish For Sushi's most popular items, works the same way: marinate and grill. For salmon, you can try something a little different with the marinade. A soy sauce base creates a natural Asian flavor, but rather than garlic, let’s go with an equal part sake along with green onions, ginger, and sugar. This creates a distinct Asian flavor that brings the most out of your salmon.

Miso Steelhead

Want to be even more creative? Just because you’re buying sushi meat doesn’t mean you can’t dip into other cultures. For example, Italian cooking is known for delicious calamari, and this can serve as your inspiration for grilling octopus meat. Similarly, you’ll find many Greek octopus recipes available online. The trick to octopus is preparing it, as octopus meat is really sensitive, so definitely watch some videos about timing the octopus on the grill.

When it comes to barbecues, think outside the box and go to the ocean! Fish For Sushi's delicious fish meat work great for sushi but with a little creativity can become a BBQ staple as well!

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