Sushi-Inspired Summer Traditions

Posted: Jul 15 2014

Summer cooking is usually all about grilling and barbecues. The flip side to that is that summer meals can also be lighter and cooler. Just as soups and comfort food are popular in the winter, summer dishes provide plenty of casual options. So while you may often think of sushi in terms of rolls, you can also give a sushi spin to some popular summer favorites. 

Grilling teriyaki on your summer grill? Why not complement that with a delicious sushi inspired salad? Many sushi meal elements can also work wonderfully in a salad. Edamame, ginger, and brown rice can bring sushi ideas to any salad. Go deeper by using common roll fillers such as cucumber and crab meat or crab substitute - "Kanikama" in Japanese. And of course, you can top of the salad with beautiful cuts of sashimi. Add the final touch by using a sushi-inspired dressing. The dressing can be based around wasabi and soy sauce for a distinct sushi experience in salad form.

Looking for a sushi summer delight? Try making sushi sandwiches -- perfect for both appetizers and meals. A sushi sandwich uses the same principle as a traditional sandwich but with sushi elements replacing standard agreements. Rather than bread, you can use densely packed rice patted into layers. Inside the sandwich, cuts of tuna or white fish can be complemented with the usual suspects (avocado, cucumber) or standard sandwich items (lettuce, tomato). As the rice doesn't quite hold up as neatly as a piece of bread, you can also use seaweed wraps to help the sushi sandwich keep its structure.

Finally, wraps are a popular way to enjoy any type of food these days. Fusion wraps can now be found with almost any type of filling and style, but you don't have to go to a food truck to get a sushi wrap. Let’s take two quick examples: dragon rolls and spicy tuna rolls. Both make excellent wraps simply by deconstructing them. For example, a dragon wrap takes the same elements -- rice, tempura, avocado, cucumber, little bit of masago toss on top along with any other vegetable filler --and puts it in a delicious wrap (don’t forget the spicy mayo sauce and black bean seeds). Similarly, a spicy tuna roll can become a wrap in just a few steps. Using diced tuna and spicy mayo as the foundation, add ingredients to your wrap using traditional sushi vegetables or create your own fusion wrap! The outer wrap gives you more room and structure for creativity than a sushi sandwich. Have a whole sushi wrap for lunch or cut it up to serve as appetizers at your next barbecue!

We all love traditional sushi -- that's why you’re reading our site! But there's no harm in getting creative with sushi and transforming summer favorites into innovative and fun new sushi dishes.

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