Sushi Brings Festive Fun To Cultural Celebrations

Posted: Feb 24 2015

In Asian countries, fish dishes are often popular ways to celebrate major holidays, such as the traditional New Year. For Chinese New Year -- perhaps the biggest, most important holiday in the world's most populous country, the Lunar New Year falls in late January or early February depending on the Chinese calendar.

For Chinese New Year, bass or tilapia is traditionally served whole -- that means with both the head and tail still on. Different regions tend to prepare the fish based on their own local customs, though the old standby is to steam the fish whole; compare this to, say, northern China, where the New Year's fish is usually deep fried.


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In the Western world, the biggest cultural celebration in the early part of the year is Mardi Gras, which takes place in February. “Fat Tuesday” as it’s also known has cultural and religious origins, though for many it’s simply a reason to partake in good food and drinks. 

For people celebrating these cultural festivities -- or any other type of themed event -- Fish For Sushi invites you to give a sushi spin to the evening’s dining. Our holiday gift sets include everything you could want to create sushi appetizers: ready-made rice, your choice of sushi meat, a sheet of nori (seaweed), and wasabi and soy sauce to round it out. Selections come in salmon, tuna, shellfish, and super combo packs

How can you integrate these into cultural festivities? If you’ve got foodies on your invite list, then they’ll certainly appreciate getting quality sushi appetizers to round out the evening’s menu. For Chinese New Year, a shellfish gift set integrates easily even into the most traditional of Lunar New Year meals. For Mardi Gras, try the “Fatty Tuna” set (otoro), perfect for “Fat Tuesday.” And for any party, it’s easy to set up a do-it-yourself station with several gift sets, making sushi a highlight of the event.

Food is a big part of any cultural event, but just because there are the usual suspects on the menu doesn’t mean you can’t spice it up with something a little different. Try a sushi gift set the next time you celebrate; you might be surprised at just how well it complements your menu -- and how much your guests enjoy it! In the mean time, happy Chinese New Year and May There be Fish Every Year For Everyone!

  1. Bluefin Chutoro 最高級中トロ
  2. Bluefin Otoro 最高級大トロ
  3. Salmon Sashimi 鮭 (9 oz)


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