DIY Temaki Sushi for a Fast, Fun and Healthy Family Meal

Posted: Mar 09 2015

Are you always looking for new meal ideas for your family—something easy to put together at the end of a busy day? Fish For Sushi’s super frozen tuna and salmon sashimi, make for great hands-on meal options that the whole family can prepare together in no time.

Rolling sushi is less time consuming than you think, but if you’re really on a tight schedule, healthy and delicious Temaki sushi or rice bowls are perfect DIY sushi alternatives.

Temaki sushi, also called hand roll because it consists of sushi fillings and rice rolled into a cone of nori. The best part of planning a temaki sushi meal is that you can simply set out a variety of fillings, sushi rice, nori sheets and sashimi and each person makes their own hand roll sushi cone based on their preference.

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Even if you’re a vegetarian, or if you simply do not care for raw fish, you can still make Temaki Sushi with your vegetables of choice, or use ingredients like butterfly shrimp or shrimp tempura. The more creative you can get with your fillings, the better the chances of pleasing everyone.

Start by gathering your ingredients—Fish For Sushi has everything you need for a sushi/sashimi meal except the fresh veggies. Our sushi rice sheets come ready-to-use with no cooking necessary.

Enlist the whole family to help in the preparation process. From plating to cleanup, take advantage of this valuable time together—the effort will be so worthwhile. If your home is like most, the kitchen is the heart of many family activities. Spending time together creating your own sushi and sashimi dinners, and then sitting down together to enjoy them makes for memories that last a lifetime.

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In addition, preparing meals with your children can offer a variety of benefits. Start including them in mealtime preparations when they’re toddlers and continue through their teens—kids can easily learn to love preparing their own meals and develop healthy eating habits that will serve them well throughout their lives. Take the time to explain different elements of sushi culture each time you prepare a new dish. Point out the principles of following recipes and measuring portions in order to challenge their math, science and critical thinking skills. Best of all, you can help your kids learn the value of helping to plan and produce a delicious meal, a great step toward solidifying their self confidence.


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