California Rolls: From DIY To Delicious Inspiration

Posted: Mar 24 2015

California rolls are among the most popular choices for sushi lovers. With the great combination of fresh seafood flavor and avocado, California rolls are great anytime but particularly work well as a summer appetizer for a party, especially as a gateway for the sushi-shy. They're also relatively easy to make for the home sushi chef. If you’ve been wanting to try making your own sushi for some time, California rolls are a fantastic place to start -- and Fish For Sushi sells most of the primary ingredients you'll need:


For a standard California roll, you can pick up a fresh avocado and cucumber from the grocery store. You'll find plenty of DIY guides online, and since California rolls are relatively simple, it's really about what works for you. The great thing about sushi is that it allows for individual variations on a theme, so you can add your own distinct spin to the roll. Here are some ideas for DIY twists on California rolls:

  • Brown rice: Brown rice comes with its own unique texture and flavor, and for many people, they prefer it over white rice. It's also healthier than white rice and can be a subtle but distinct change to any sushi roll.
  • Spicy tuna topping: Spicy tuna cuts work great as a topping to balance the mild flavors of a California roll. You can create even more variety by using different sauces on top of the tuna cuts.
  • Other texture: Add further texture to your California roll by sprinkling with tempura crumbs are sesame seeds. These add their own unique flavor too, so play with the combination that suits your taste!

Of course, when you make your California rolls is just as important as how you do it. Making your own sushi can be the perfect stay-at-home date night event. Or it can be a fun way to teach your kids about food and cooking. Or it can even be a great way to have a big group over for a huge DIY sushi night. Whatever the context, making sushi together creates a memorable bonding experience -- and, of course, delivers incredible food.

Have your own favorite twist on California rolls? Email us your recipes and we may feature you on the the Fish For Sushi blog!

  1. Kanikama カニカマ (8 oz)
  2. Shrimp Tempura 海老天ぷら
  3. Ikura Salmon Caviar いくら


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