Fish For Sushi Otoro: A Delicious Discovery for Celebrity Chef David Rosengarten

Posted: May 06 2015

Fish For Sushi received quite the surprise recently when we got word that celebrity Chef David Rosengarten likes our Otoro. OK, he loves our Otoro, and we’re pretty thrilled.

A while back, Chef Rosengarten selected four U.S. seafood companies that promise fresh, sushi-quality seafood orderable on the Internet and delivered to your door. He ordered from each seafood seller at least twice —including Fish For Sushi—and had a taste of each. And guess what? Our Otoro earned top billing in his review.

Bluefin otoro

When it comes to standing out in the competitive seafood industry, Fish For Sushi's rising star shines brightly. Not only is our Otoro melt-in-your-mouth delicious, Chef Rosengarten added kudos for our fresh-caught super-freezing method that begins on the tuna boat. Super freezing is an all-natural process that stops the natural decay that begins as soon as the fish is caught, without the use of chemicals, preservatives or C02.  

Here is how the Fish For Sushi Super Freezing process works:

Step 1: It begins on the tuna boat, far out on the high seas. Our boats are specialized: long-line fishermen only. We strive to eliminate collateral damage to other species such as dolphins, porpoises or deep sea turtles.

Step 2: Once the Tuna is caught, it is quickly gilled and gutted.

Step 3: The Tuna is then immediately put into super freezers, which chill the fish to a core ultra low temperature (ULT) of -76ºF, the Eutectic Point or EP, suspending decay and preserving the fish’s freshness within hours of catch.

The entire process is complete between 10 and 20 hours out of the water.


Otoro, which comes from the fatty belly of the fish, is a favorite among sashimi connoisseurs. Ours is perfect, pale pink and richly marbled, something Chef Rosengarten attributes to our unique method of super-freezing our fish on the open water. In fact, he gushed about Fish For Sushi Otoro's rich flavor, naming it among the best fish of the tasting.

The wide bands of creamy white fat throughout our Otoro make for a beautiful slice that holds together perfectly, even with the bands of fat segmenting it.

“I was delighted to be eating something this good in my own kitchen,” Chef Rosengarten says. “Fresh as hell, sublimely buttery, and worth the price.”

From catch to kitchen, Fish For Sushi delivers top quality Otoro that's transported at the precise right temperature to ensure freshness. The result? Fresh tuna that's reflected by the freshly caught red color the tuna regains after defrosting.

  1. Bluefin Chutoro 最高級中トロ
  2. Bluefin Otoro 最高級大トロ
  3. Salmon Sashimi 鮭 (9 oz)


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