Fish For Sushi’s Kampachi: An "Impressive" Appraisal by Celebrity Chef David Rosengarten

Posted: Jun 02 2015

This week, we’re going to share celebrity Chef David Rosengarten’s review of the Hawaiian Kampachi loin he ordered from Fish For Sushi and tasted in his own kitchen several weeks back. Chef Rosengarten had discovered Fish For Sushi’s top quality seafood online, placed a couple of orders to determine how our sushi held up to his discerning palate, and raved about our Otoro and Chutoro in the March edition of his newsletter, “The Rosengarten Report.”

Confident as we were that our Kampachi loin would please him just as much as the first two selections, it was nonetheless a thrill to see four stars and the word “impressive” in his final appraisal of our mature amberjack fillet strips.

Kampachi is amberjack, although the Japanese use different names for it according to its age and origin; our Hawaiian Kampachi represents the most mature amberjack, maricultured and farmed sustainably without impacting the delicate ecosystem.

Chef Rosengarten admired his Fish For Sushi Kampachi's pearl-grey flesh, which he said was “happily lacking the ‘browning’ that you sometimes see in this fish.” The Chef also noted that our Kampachi loin was not the ‘over-the-top buttery thing” you sometimes get from Kampachi and Hamachi, while mentioning it’s mild, mineral flavor that he said “moves in a buttery direction (both flavor-wise and texture-wise) as you chew.” And then he summarized, using the word “impressive.”

Fish For Sushi's super premium Kampachi loin comes to you in high-grade cuts with texture similar to Hamachi—but leaner and less oily—making it a healthy food choice. Each cut is a great source of lean protein that can be enjoyed individually as an appetizer or worked into sushi. High levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids make it heart and body healthy; it’s no wonder Fortune Magazine calls Kampachi “the wonder fish.”

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  1. Bluefin Chutoro 最高級中トロ
  2. Kampachi Belly かんぱち腹
  3. Wild Chilean Miso Sea Bass 銀ムツ味噌漬け


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