Scallops: The Sweet Candy of The Sea

Posted: Jun 16 2015

Calling them “the best raw scallops I’ve tasted in a while,” Chef David Rosengarten wrapped up the March edition of his “Rosengarten Report” with a glowing, four-star review of Fish For Sushi’s fresh scallops sashimi. This was the fourth in a series of Fish For Sushi product critiques earning high praises from the celebrity chef.

Fish For Sushi’s scallops are Japanese-raised with a sweet taste, tender but resilient texture and fresh-from-the-sea character. Chef Rosengarten tells readers that the Fish For Sushi scallops sashimi offers the kind of culinary experience that defines their status as a prized delicacy in Japan.

Each piece of Fish For Sushi scallops sashimi measures about 1¼-inch in diameter and comes butterflied, with the attachment of the two halves held at the abductor muscle for a butterfly or bowtie appearance. Unlike the blandness often found in raw shellfish like shrimp and lobster, Chef Rosengarten reports that his Fish For Sushi scallops had a nutty, cooked scallops flavor.

Fish For Sushi's succulent scallops sashimi can be enjoyed in sushi or on their own, and the health benefits are hard to beat. Each serving contains only 43 calories and is packed with natural protein, omega-3s and nutrients.  Chef Rosengarten’s scallops sashimi arrived in Fish For Sushi’s vacuum-packed container to preserve maximum flavor and freshness.

Seafood connoisseurs say that scallops taste best when eaten raw with nothing more than a squeeze of lemon or lime added.  They’re easy to prepare and serve gunkan-style in a nori “boat” or in a cucumber cup. Fish For Sushi’s scallops sashimi make a perfect light first course for friends and family. Serve them family-style on a platter, or atop individual servings of lettuce, watercress, shredded cucumber, diced tomatoes or any salad veggies. 

Take it from Chef David Rosengarten, Fish For Sushi’s scallops sashimi, vacuum packed fresh and delivered to your door, provides a little taste of heaven to seafood lovers everywhere.

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