Sushi and Sashimi: Healthy and Delicious Alternative to the Traditional Thanksgiving Meal

Posted: Nov 24 2015

Already dreading the monumental task of preparing a full-on Thanksgiving feast, replete with turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberry jelly and pumpkin pie? Consider serving a sushi feast this year!

In an age when so many people have established healthy eating habits, Thanksgiving can conjure some anxiety over the high-carb, high calorie, mostly nutrient-deficient traditional meal we spend 12-14 hours or more preparing on the eve of the fourth Thursday of November each year. That’s not even accounting for the time and expense spent shopping for the meal, the numerous last-minute mad dashes to the grocery store for a forgotten (but critical) item.

It makes sense to change things up; one can only assume that the Indians would have shared Sushi with pilgrims at that first Thanksgiving table, had it been a thing back in 1621. After all, the holiday itself is meant to celebrate family, friends, and all we have to be thankful for. In 2015, sushi suits the bill perfectly.

First and foremost, sushi is deelish. A beautifully arranged sushi or sashimi platter will be greeted with “oohs” and ahs” all around. Make pop with color using choice tuna, salmon, whitefish’ and shellfish from, and garnish with a generous assortment of vibrant veggies.


I know what you’re thinking: people come to the Thanksgiving table expecting their favorite traditional dishes.  It’s a once-a-year experience that promises they’ll end the day stuffed to the level of discomfort. But we love our families, we want them to be healthy and we want to teach our kids that they won’t have to be enslaved to tradition when it comes their turn to host the holidays.

If skipping the turkey dinner is too much change all at once, consider adding a sushi platter or sashimi boat to the buffet. I guarantee it will be the one portion of your meal with leftovers taking up room in the refrigerator—sushi and sashimi leftovers are rare. No one will be eating leftover sushi sandwiches for the next seven days.

Another great reason to serve sushi at Thanksgiving is the post-meal football game gathering in the living room, when we waddle from the table to the couch and continue the tradition by nomming on the carb-loaded remnants of the meal. This is the perfect time to present your family and guests with a few sushi and sashimi platters. Continuing the pig-out is as American as that second serving of pie they’re about to devour, so it is best to satisfy their appetite with healthy alternatives. Here are some great reasons to serve sushi this Thanksgiving:


  • Seafood is healthy; pie and stuffing are not.
  • Sushi is naturally gluten-free, which is good not only for dinner guests who have a gluten allergy, but for everyone.
  • Sushi is made with rice vinegar, which aids digestion, lowers the risk of high blood pressure and acts as a mild stimulant. Imagine, a house full of perky guests after the Thanksgiving meal! The sushi eaters can help with cleanup, while the die-hard turkey eaters collapse on the couch.
  • Ginger, used to cleanse the palate after eating sushi, is known to boost the immune system.  No one will leave your table with the flu!
  • Soy Sauce (ideally the low-sodium kind) contains no wheat.  Soy is high in protein, magnesium, potassium and iron.
  • Nori – (seaweed) is loaded with vitamins.
  • Eating sushi can improve your social skills. Passing a tray of sushi around provides opportunities to connect with others as you mingle.

Serving sushi platters and sashimi boats is a great way to celebrate the holidays and enjoy a festive meal with friends and family. Both make beautiful centerpieces on a holiday buffet, and when you’re hosting a lot of people sushi and sashimi make serving your guests easy and enjoyable.

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