Super Frozen Tuna is 100% Natural

Posted: Oct 22 2013

We often get asked, "is your super frozen tuna 100% natural?"  We are very excited to let you know, yes, our super frozen tuna are indeed 100% natural.

No treatment of any kind are ever used with super frozen tuna.  Nothing to enhance its color, absolutely no smoke treatment, no carbon monoxide treatment, and no additives.  You can be assured our bigeye, yellowfin, and bluefin tuna are all pure, natural tuna, tasting just as great as when harvested.  

Conventional freezing method typically requires preservatives or other treatments to maintain or enhance its color.  This is due to the fact that tuna continues to oxidize under conventional frozen conditions, and will turn to a unattractive brown color if not treated.  

With super frozen Tuna, the process begins on the tuna boats out on the ocean.  

  1. Our tuna are all caught using long-line only, as we try to minimize our impact to the environment and other species.  
  2. The boats are all fitted with superfreezing equipment.  As soon as the tunas are caught, they are gilled, gutted and immediately placed in the superfreezer.  
  3. Within 20 hours, the tuna is frozen to -76 F.  The tuna will be stored at -76 F until it's ready to be delivered to you.  
  4. Another added benefit of superfrozen tuna is that it kills all the parasites so you can enjoy all the great flavors with a peace of mind.

In Japan where most tuna are consumed, 80% of the tuna are superfrozen.  It's simply the best method for delivering quality tuna.

Enjoy all natural Bigeye and Yellowfin tuna sashimi from Fish for Sushi!


  • Posted by Dirk de jager on October 31, 2013

    I am a recreational fisherman an love to catch and eat TUNA. Thanks for letting us know how to keep it colourfull during the freezing period. If i gut my tuna on my boat , is it wize to wash the fish with sea water or should i wash with fresh water before freezing.You guys are great for one simple reason,you are willing to deal with us.Many thanks

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