BlueFin Chutoro: A Prized Delicacy, Sustainably Caught and Delivered to your Door

Posted: Sep 17 2017

Chutoro, the light rose colored, medium-fat belly of the bluefin tuna, combines the lighter flavor of an akami with the tender sweetness of an otoro (the fattiest part of the fish). "Toro"—the underbelly of bluefin tuna—is an abbreviation of the Japanese Toro-keru, which literally means "melting on the tongue."

Chutoro is a much sought-after component of a maguro sashimi menu, maguro being the Japanese word for bluefish tuna—perhaps the best known and most commonly eaten fish in sushi dining.

In the world of sashimi or nigari sushi, maguru is the dominant choice among connoisseurs. There are many different terms for maguro, including chutoro, toro, nakaochi, negima, meji, shibi, tekka, tekkadon, zuke and negi-toro. Eighty percent of the world’s Bluefin tuna catch is used for sushi.


Japanese people love maguro, and it is fundamental to Japanese cooking. Many people who aren’t particularly fond of fish consider chutoro and maguro sushi in general to be an exception.

Chutoro's delicately marbled fatcontent is what makes it so special, providing its melt-in-your-mouth sensation, distinct sweet flavor, and meaty twang. Chutoro is cut slightly thinner than other parts of the tuna and is often served draped across delicately packed morsels of slightly sticky sushi rice with a touch of vinegar.

Otoro, cut from the fattiest part of the tuna’s belly, is considered the ultimate sashimi dining experience. But the less fatty chutoro is the healthier and more affordable alternative. Chutoro can be used in sushi or enjoyed on its own with a light sear.

Fish For Sushi is ever-conscious of its obligation to sustainability and safeguarding wildlife populations. We adhere to international eco management recommendations developed to ensure sustainable bluefin numbers. Part of achieving sustainability is the standard for supply and demand, which places responsibility on seafood companies and consumers.


We encourage our customers to enjoy chutoro, a delicacy that not everyone gets to experience, knowing that Fish For Sushi offers bluefish tuna caught only through sustainable fishing methods.

From catch to kitchen, we utilize Superfrozen technology to deliver top quality Bluefin chutoro that is transported at the precise temperature to ensure freshness. The result? Fresh tuna that's reflected in the naturally vibrant, freshly-caught color the Tuna recovers upon defrosting.

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