Sizzling Summer: Grilling Seafood to Perfection

Posted: Apr 11 2017

Seafood is among the healthiest, most Fish is one of the healthiest and most delectable meals you can prepare for yourself, family, and guests. Most of us love grilled seafood but are apprehensive about grilling it because of past experience with fish sticking to the grill.

There are different techniques for grilling tuna, salmon, and other seafood favorites to perfection easily. While each technique is unique, but the preparation for grilling is always the same.

Start with a clean grill
Clean the grill grates with a stainless steel brush to remove all prior cooking remnants that may still be stuck on. In fact, clean cooking grates are necessary, no matter what you are grilling, to achieve perfectly grilled meals.


Grill Preparation

Your step when it comes to grilling anything, especially fish, is to preheat your grill. Preheating helps caramelize the seafood and establishes the defined grill marks that provide the burst of flavor that grillers love. A preheated grill will also lessen the amount of time your seafood is on the grill, so there’s less opportunity for the fish to dry out during the cooking process. Preheating the grill will also prevent the fish from sticking to the grill. Although seafood is very lean, the right grill temperature will allow the fish to naturally release itself from the cooking grate once it is cooked.

Grilling With a Charcoal Grill

Try adding a little smoke to your fish!

When grilling on a charcoal grill, soak wood chips for at least 30 minutes before placing them directly on your charcoal to enhance your fish’s flavor.

Grilling With a Gas or Electric Grill
If you’re grilling on a gas or electric grill, soak wood chips for at least 30 minutes before placing them in a smoker box and directly on the cooking grate.


Grill temperature plays an essential role in cooking seafood to perfection. Whether you’re grilling with the skin on or off, the temperature should be at a medium to high heat—around 400-450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Seafood Grilling Techniques
Skin on:

If you choose to grill your fish with the skin on, allow it to sit for five to ten minutes to bring it to room temperature before oiling and seasoning it, and placing it on the grill to help avoid sticking.

If you prefer to sear the fish, first oil the flesh side and place it flesh side down directly on the grate and grill. This technique helps the fish naturally release itself from the cooking grate once it is finished cooking on that side. If you choose not to sear, simply place the fish skin side down directly on the grate.

Don’t be afraid to place the fish over the flame. In fact, you should resist the urge to shift it to a section of the grill away from the flames. Drippings from a naturally fatty piece of fish that cause flames to briefly leap can enhance flavor.

Skin off:

Allow your fish to sit for five to ten minutes to bring it to room temperature before oiling both sides and seasoning it prior to placing it on the grill. This will help to eliminate the possibility of sticking.


Grill Time

The general rule of thumb allows for eight to 10 minutes of grill time per inch of fish. For example, if your fish is an inch thick, grill each side for about three to four minutes. If you’re following a recipe, make sure to consult the recipe’s instructions for grill time.

When it’s time to remove your seafood from the grill, slide a spatula in between the area where the skin and flesh meet. Use a side-to-side motion to slide the spatula between the two skin and flesh so that the skin layer remains on the grate and only the flesh is removed from the grill.

Wait three to five minutes after transferring your seafood from grill to platter to allow the flesh to rest, and its natural juices to flow back into the flesh, making it more tender.

Only flip your piece of fish one time while grilling to prevent it from breaking apart on the grill. Do not repeatedly turn and flip it. When you’re ready to flip, do not force the piece of fish off the grill. Be patient; allow the fish to naturally release itself from the grate on each side, which indicates that it is done grilling.

Always grill with the lid down. Each time you open the lid, you add additional cooking time to your meal.

By following these tips, you can grill up a flawless seafood feast that will please everyone at your dinner table. is your best source of premium, sustainably raised tuna, sashimi, and other high-quality seafood.

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