Treat Mom to a family-crafted Sushi Brunch for Mother’s Day

Posted: May 20 2018

Mother’s Day is May 13th, and in recognition of all she does throughout the year for you and your family, treat her to something special like a Japanese-style Mother’s Day brunch.

Families in Japan and the U.S. celebrate Mother’s Day in similar ways; they give mom flowers, a beautiful card, a thoughtful gift. At Fish for Sushi, we believe the best Mother’s Day celebrations are a family affair, with everyone gathered together to make mom’s day extra special.

Nothing says “I love you” like a delicious meal, lovingly prepared to delight mom. A Japanese sushi feast is sure to please her and the whole family. Thanks to the wide variety of sushi, sashimi, and other premium seafood available through Fish for Sushi, creating a mouth-watering Mother’s Day spread is easy and fun for the whole family. Best of all, your sushi ingredients are delivered fresh and ready-to-serve.

The Japanese custom for celebrating Mother’s Day begins early in the morning, when family members rise and greet mom with the words, Okaasan haha no hi memomedetou: “Happy Mother’s Day!” Present her with a bouquet of flowers—red carnations are the popular Mother’s Day choice in Japan since they symbolize mom’s sweetness, purity, and endurance.


Plan your Mother’s Day brunch menu to suit your culinary preferences. Don’t be intimidated, rolling sushi is easier than you think. and it will be fun for the whole family to participate.

There’s no wrong way to make sushi. Depending on whether you’re new to sushi rolling or you’ve done this before, you can make traditional maki (rolls), assemble temaki (sushi cones), or eat chirashi by placing rice plates and having family members top it with the seafood and vegetable fillings of their choice.

Of all the holidays we celebrate throughout the year, Mother’s Day is extra special. Moms spend every day of the year taking care of us, even after we become parents ourselves. Show mom how much she is loved and appreciated with a delectable Sushi-style brunch that she can enjoy with the whole family. 

  1. Wild Sockeye Salmon 紅鮭 (~20 oz)
  2. Salmon Sashimi 鮭 (7 oz)
  3. Wild Chilean Miso Sea Bass 銀ムツ味噌漬け


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