Fish for Sushi New Product Info & Promo Specials!

Holiday Season Shipping Discount - $8!

Fish for Sushi is celebrating this holiday season with a special shipping rate.  Just $8 for anywhere in the lower 48 states!


Bluefin Otoro/Chutoro - Limited Quantity!

Fish for Sushi is excited to offer limited quantity of Bluefin Otoro and Chutoro.  These highly prized parts of tuna are well marbled and simply melts in your mouth.  Sushi restaurants often charge $10 - $15 for just 1 slice of Otoro and Chutoro.  Now you can enjoy this amazing delicacy in your home!  See the Otoro and Chutoro product page to learn more about these amazing products!

See Otoro and Chutoro products below.



Save with Discount Promos!

We've put together combo packages with some of our most popular products to help you save.  We offer a variety of savings package with bigeye tuna, yellowfin tuna, albacore tuna, salmon, and wasabi!

See all the discount packages below.