Bigeye Tuna - Premium 最高級メバチ鮪 (8 oz)
Bigeye Tuna - Premium 最高級メバチ鮪 (8 oz) Bigeye Tuna - Premium 最高級メバチ鮪 (8 oz) Bigeye Tuna - Premium 最高級メバチ鮪 (8 oz)

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Bigeye Tuna - Premium 最高級メバチ鮪 (8 oz)



Product Description
Each Fish For Sushi premium bigeye tuna order weighs roughly 8 oz.

Bigeye Tuna - Premium 最高級メバチ鮪
Fish For Sushi's premium sashimi grade wild Bigeye Tuna (Ahi) (特上メバチ鮪) is a skinless, boneless, steak cut tuna used in nigiri, sashimi and other exotic dishes you'll find served in fine, Michelin starred restaurants. Our premium, steak cut Bigeye is super frozen and vacuum sealed at the time you place your order and  delivered to your door in a  for maximum freshness and flavor.

Ahi refers to two species of tuna, the Bigeye and the Yellowfin. In Hawaii and Japan, Bigeye tuna is the preferred choice for sashimi. It's high fat content gives the flesh a delicious mild flavor, robust texture and vibrant, true red color; Its mild flavor adapts well to a variety of recipes and preparation methods. 

Health Benefits of Bigeye Tuna
Fish For Sushi's Bigeye tuna is naturally packed with protein and nutrients vital for building and maintaining a healthy body. One 3.5 ounce serving contains 100 calories and 23 grams of protein. You'll also get a generous dose of vitamin B, which helps your body produce energy efficiently. Naturally low in saturated fat and sodium, Bigeye tuna contains thiamin, selenium (an antioxidant), and vitamin B6. 

Fish Facts
Prized for its sashimi-quality flesh and high-protein health benefits, Bigeye tuna is found throughout the world's oceans. Your order is transported to you at the ideal temperature for the freshest tasting sashimi grade Bigeye tuna every  time.

Origin: Korea and Japan (Wild)

How to Prepare
Learn how to defrost Bigeye Tuna

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  • Additional Info

    • Recipe Idea: Easy Tuna Bowl
    • According to Hawaii Seafood, Bigeye Tuna are caught in deeper, cooler water, it typically has a higher fat content than Yellowfin and is preferred by sashimi lovers. For less discriminating consumers, the two species are interchangeable.


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