Otoro (Fatty Tuna) Lover's Gift Special


Product Description
Fish For Sushi's Otoro Lover Gift Special

Otoro (Fatty Tuna) Lover's Gift Special
~7 ounces of Chutoro (Medium fatty tuna)
•  ~7
ounces of Otoro (Fatty tuna)
One Nori Half Sheet
One package of Wasabi

Super frozen tuna
Enjoy Fish For Sushi's two most exquisite cuts of fatty tuna sashimi for your special celebration. Our super frozen tuna is all-natural--no preservatives added. Follow our simple defrosting instructions and enjoy premium, super frozen otoro and chotoro at home. Once  defrosted, the meat's buttery surface, marble line, and natural, vibrant pink color--the natural color of freshly caught tuna--appear.

Fish Facts:
Chutoro is cut with a balance between the fat and medium fat portion of a tuna belly.
Otoro is cut with the most fatty part of a tuna belly.
Both contain abundant protein and heart healthy Omega-3s, which promotes good health.

How to Prepare
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Guaranteed Fresh for 2 weeks at home freezer from order delivered day.

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