Kampachi Collar かんぱち かま (1 lb)
Kampachi Collar かんぱち かま (1 lb) Kampachi Collar かんぱち かま (1 lb) Kampachi Collar かんぱち かま (1 lb)

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Kampachi Collar かんぱち かま (1 lb)

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Product Description
Each Fish For Sushi kampachi collar order weighs roughly 1 pound (3-6 pieces per pound)

Kampachi Collar かんぱち かま
Fish For Sushi's
farmed kampachi collar(カンパチカマ)is ideal to serve as a healthy and tasty appetizer. Kampachi fish is also commonly known as amberjack or almaco jack. Kampachi is flavorful and rich with a wonderfully firm texture.

Health Benefits of Kampachi Collar
Including kamachi collar in your diet means taking advantage of its stores of protein, healthy vitamins (B and D), nutrients (zinc, magnesium and iron), and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Fish Facts
Kampachi ranges anywhere from 35 to 65 inches and features an elongated, flattened body.

Origin: USA (Farmed)

How to Prepare
Oven Bake
Defrost kampachi collars in refrigerator overnight or 6-7 hours
Preheat oven to 400° F
Place kampachi collars single layer on baking sheet, bake 25 minutes
•  Drizzle with lemon or dip in soy sauce

Additional Info
Kampachi collar can be baked at 400° F, roasted or fried.



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