Kampachi Loin かんぱち節
Kampachi Loin かんぱち節 Kampachi Loin かんぱち節 Kampachi Loin かんぱち節 Kampachi Loin かんぱち節

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Kampachi Loin かんぱち節

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Kampachi Loin かんぱち節

Fish For Sushi's farmed Kampachi (かんぱち) Loin has a texture similar to hamachi, but leaner and less oily. Your taste buds will appreciate the sweet, buttery flavor and wonderfully firm texture that Kampachi brings to your meal. Kampachi loin is a popular fish in Japanese restaurants.

Health Benefits
When it comes to lean protein, omega-3 and omega 6 fatty acids, it doesn't get any heart healthier.

Fish Facts
Kampachi can be found in waters worldwide--from the coasts of Kenya to South Africa in the Western Pacific, and in the Eastern Pacific from California to Peru and down to the Galapagos Islands. They are not common in the Eastern Atlantic, but can be found in the Western Atlantic from Cape Cod to northern Argentina - with the exception of areas off the coast of South Carolina..

Origin: USA (Farmed)

How to Prepare
•  Defrost Kampachi sashimi in package in refrigerator for  6-7 hours
•  Remove from package, rinse and wrap in paper towel
•  Keep refrigerated until you're ready to enjoy

    Additional Info
    Kampachi cuts easily and efficiently, with few bones and a small bloodline. Kampachi a favorite for sashimi, sushi and ceviche/poke dishes. It cooks quickly in its natural oils and is superb with a wide variety of simple and complex flavors and treatments.


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