Octopus Legs Sashimi 茹でタコ (~2 lbs)



Product Description
Each Fish For Sushi octopus legs weighs roughly ~2 pounds.

Octopus Sashimi 茹でタコ
Fish For Sushi's
boiled Octopus Leg Sashimi(茹でタコ) is sushi grade, imported from Japan, and arrives at your door ready to defrost and enjoy. We super freeze and vacuum pack each whole octopus to preserve freshness and flavor. Restaurant owners prefer our method since the freezing process actually enhances the meat's tenderness.

Health Benefits of Octopus
Octopus is a lean, low fat, low calorie seafood that is packed with healthy protein and iron. It is commonly used in sushi and a wide varety of seafood dishes. 

Fish Facts
The octopus has two eyes and four pairs of arms. The octopus has no external or internal skeleton, and can be found on the ocean floor, in coral reefs and in the open ocean, or pelagic zone, which consists of everything outside of coastal areas. 

How to Prepare
Defrost the octopus sashimi in its package in your refrigerator for 7-8 hours, or in an ice water bath for 3-4 hours. Fish For Sushi's Octopus Sashimi arrives fully prepped; all you need to do is defrost.

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Recipe Idea:
Octopus Salad

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