Wasabi ワサビ
Wasabi ワサビ Wasabi ワサビ

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Wasabi ワサビ


Product Description
Fish For Sushi's Wasabi comes in boxes of 10 packets

Wasabi ワサビ
Fish For Sushi's all-natural, 100 percent grated wasabi (ワサビ)is conveniently packed in individual single serving packets. It is also known as "Japanese Horseradish" and has an extremely strong, hot flavor.

Health Benefits of Wasabi
Wasabi is a member of the cabbage, mustard and horse radish family. It has been proven to act as an anti-inflammatory agent for your nose, mouth and other related systems. It also contains antimicrobial agents that can help eliminate bacteria.

Fish Facts
Real wasabi is very delicate. Exposure to light and air causes it to quickly lose its natural flavor and color. Because our Wasabi is vacuum packed and Super Frozen, you're guaranteed to get a fresh product.

How to Prepare

Defrost for 30 minutes prior to enjoying.

Additional Info

Origin: Japan

Add wasabi to spice up any meal.


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