Salmon Sashimi 鮭
Salmon Sashimi 鮭 Salmon Sashimi 鮭 Salmon Sashimi 鮭 Salmon Sashimi 鮭 Salmon Sashimi 鮭 Salmon Sashimi 鮭

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Salmon Sashimi 鮭



Product Description
Fish For Sushi salmon sashimi weighs approximately 6 oz

Salmon Sashimi 鮭
Our farmed Salmon Sashimi 鮭 is often used as an ingredient in sushi or as sashimi. We offer sustainably farmed, all-natural, premium sushi grade salmon with no antibiotics. Each saku cut is vacuum packed to ensure you get the freshest fish possible.

Health Benefits of Salmon
Salmon Sashimi is an excellent source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and packs a punch of vitamin D. Not only will you feel good when you eat salmon; it's also waist-line friendly.  

Fish Facts
Salmon 鮭 is one of several fish in the Salmonidae family. Salmon migrate and spawn only once, and only in fresh water. Typically, they are born in fresh water and make their way to salt water over time.

Origin: Scotland

How to Prepare
Simply defrost in refrigerator for 8-9 hours. Remove from package, pat dry, and enjoy.


Recipe Idea:
Salmon and ikura donburi




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