Kanikama カニカマ (8 oz)
Kanikama カニカマ (8 oz) Kanikama カニカマ (8 oz)

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Kanikama カニカマ (8 oz)



Product Description
Each package of Fish For Sushi Kanikama weighs roughly 8 ounces.

Kanikama カニカマ
Fish For Sushi's fully cooked Kanikama "crab stick"(かにかま), also known as imitation crab, is a delicious and versatile choice for many recipes. Kanikama is great for sushi rolls, salads, hand rolls or a convenient high protein snack.

Health Benefits of Kanikama
Our Kanikama is low in calories, cholesterol and fat, gluten-free and produced in the U.S. Fish For Sushi Kanikama is a great-tasting, healthy option to keep your diet healthy and help prevent heart disease.

Fish Facts
Kanikama comes from a delicious white-fleshed fish. First, it's made into paste, followed by adding coloring and form, then cooking until it resembles crab legs.

Origin: USA

How to Prepare
Defrost in refrigerator for 3-4 hours and enjoy!

Additional Info
Try these delicious recipe with crab stick:

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