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Yellowfin Tuna - Diced キハダ鮪の角切り (1 lb)
Yellowfin Tuna - Diced キハダ鮪の角切り (1 lb) Yellowfin Tuna - Diced キハダ鮪の角切り (1 lb) Yellowfin Tuna - Diced キハダ鮪の角切り (1 lb)

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Yellowfin Tuna - Diced キハダ鮪の角切り (1 lb)



Product Description
Fish For Sushi Diced Yellowfin Tuna (weighs roughly 1 pound)

Yellowfin Tuna - Diced キハダ鮪の角切り
Fish For Sushi's yellowfin diced tuna(キハダ鮪の角切り) is pre-cut and versatile, a delicious ingredient in a variety of dishes such as tuna tartare, tuna poke and even tuna burgers.

Health Benefits of Diced Yellowfin Tuna
Our heart-healthy Super Frozen fresh yellowfin diced tuna makes a great addition to snacks and meals, as its natural omega-3 fatty acids provide antioxidants known to help prevent cardiovascular disease. Yellowfin tuna is a nutritious, protein-packed addition to a healthy lifestyle. 

Fish Facts
Yellowfin tuna is one of the larger types within the tuna species, and is found in tropical and subtropical oceans worldwide. Super Frozen Sashimi Grade Yellowfin Tuna diced is now available and delivered directly to your door.

How to Prepare

  1. Remove yellowfin diced tuna from its vacuum bag and defrost in tray.
  2. Cover it with paper towel in your refrigerator for 4-5 hours.

Additional Info
Origin: Korea and Japan (Wild)


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