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What Is Super Frozen Tuna?

Did you know 80-90% of the tuna sashimi in the US is treated with carbon monoxide before you ingest it?

This unsafe method is completely banned in Japan, all of Europe, Canada, Taiwan and China. This is a method companies use to preserve color and disguise the age of the product - and fool you, the consumer.

At Fish for Sushi, we pride ourselves in doing the exact opposite by providing the best sashimi available. You can rest assured that none of our Tuna is ever carbon monoxide treated. Instead, our Tuna is Super Frozen.  




What Does Super Frozen Mean?

What makes Fish for Sushi's Tuna superior quality compared to most you can buy on the market?  The fact that it's Super Frozen. Super freezing stops the natural decay that begins when the fish is caught. When defrosted, the Tuna revives to exactly the moment it was frozen.  Super frozen tuna are all-natural Tuna, with no preservatives.

The History of Super Freezing

Super Freezing was discovered by the medical industry in the late 1960’s. This freezing process is used by blood banks, fertility clinics and labs around the world, particularly in Japan, where 80% of Tuna is Super Frozen. 

The Super Freezing Process

 > Step 1: The process begins on the tuna boat, far out on the high seas. Our boats are specialized: long-line fishermen only. We strive to eliminate collateral damage to other species such as dolphins, porpoises or deep sea turtles.

> Step 2: Once the Tuna is caught, it is quickly gilled and gutted.

> Step 3: The Tuna is then then immediately put into the super freezers, freezing to a core ultra low temperature (ULT) of -76ºF, the Eutectic Point or EP.

> Step 4: The entire process is complete between 10 and 20 hours out of the water.

From Catch to Kitchen

From "Catch to Kitchen", we deliver top quality tuna that's transported at the precise right temperature to ensure freshness. The result? Fresh tuna that's reflected by the vibrant, deep red color the tuna regains - the natural color of freshly caught tuna.

Ready to taste the difference for yourself? Browse our collection of premium, Super Frozen products.