Chutoro 最高級中トロ
Chutoro 最高級中トロ Chutoro 最高級中トロ Chutoro 最高級中トロ

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Chutoro 最高級中トロ

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Product Description
Fish For Sushi Chutoro

Chutoro 最高級中トロ
Fish For Sushi's super premium Chutoro (中トロ ) is cut from the most flavor-filled, highly prized portion of the tuna (the fatty underbelly) and only available in limited quantities. A Japanese delicacy, our super premium Chutoro's marbled texture is cut with the perfect amount of fat to melt in your mouth. Fish For Sushi's premium Chutoro is super frozen and vacuum sealed when you place your order, to preserve the tuna's freshness, flavor and vivid color.

Health Benefits of Tuna Belly
Incorporating Chutoro into your diet has long-lasting dietary benefits. Fish For Sushi Choturo contains protein, omegas-3s and selenoneine (a source of naturally occurring antioxidants that act as anti-inflammatories in the body). 

Fish Facts
Chutoro is cut from the underbelly of the tuna, which is marbled with fat, making it sweet, tender and delicious! 

How to Prepare
Preparing this delicacy is simple, just rinse in cold water and defrost in the refrigerator for 6-7 hours, slice and enjoy!

Additional Info

Recipe Idea: Seared Toro

Download Chutoro defrost instruction


Guaranteed Fresh for 2 weeks at home freezer from order delivered day.



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