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Miso Fish (Steelhead Trout) 味噌漬け ニジマス
Miso Fish (Steelhead Trout) 味噌漬け ニジマス Miso Fish (Steelhead Trout) 味噌漬け ニジマス Miso Fish (Steelhead Trout) 味噌漬け ニジマス Miso Fish (Steelhead Trout) 味噌漬け ニジマス

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Miso Fish (Steelhead Trout) 味噌漬け ニジマス



Product Description
Each package of Fish For Sushi Miso Fish contains many pieces weighing roughly 2 lbs as total weight.

Miso Fish (Steelhead Trout) 味噌漬け ニジマス
Fish For Sushi's Miso Fish is our farmed Steelhead Trout (ニジマス), also known as Rainbow Trout, injected with white miso and then soaked in miso for 48 hours for optimal flavor. Next it is super frozen and vacuum pack to preserve freshness.

Health Benefits of Miso Steelhead Trout
Fish For Sushi's farmed Steelhead Trout (ニジマス) is high in nutritional value and farmed in a way that's ecologically responsible. The majority of steelhead is farmed in ponds, raceways or tanks to eliminate exposure to environmental pollutants.

Fish Facts
Steelhead Trout (ニジマス) is actually a member of the salmon family.

Fish Origin: (Farmed Product): Vietnam

How to Prepare
Defrost in refrigerator 3 to 4 hours
Preheat oven to 400° F
     •  Oil parchment paper and place on an oven pan
     •  Remove excess miso from the fish to prevent charring
     •  Place trout skin side down on parchment paper
     •  Bake trout for 20 minutes
     •  Set oven to broil for 3 minutes

Additional Info
Miso Steelhead works well served as an entrée, paired with a rice dish.

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