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Salmon Sashimi & Miso Trout Discount Special

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Product Description
Fish For Sushi premium sashimi quality salmon. miso steelhead trout!

Salmon Sashimi & Miso Trout Discount Special
This Fish For Sushi salmon special features ~7 ounces of premium sashimi-quality salmon, plus one package (1.5 pounds) of miso steelhead trout, and one package wasabi.  Save $5 with this special discount!

Health Benefits of Salmon and Trout
Salmon and steelhead trout are flavor-filled favorites among seafood connoisseurs. Easy-to-prepare and brimming with healthy protein, both the salmon and trout contain omega-3s that can help lower inflammation, reduce stress and provide the heart-healthy benefits that promote good health. With this special combo, you get the best of both worlds with the savory salmon sashimi and miso-injected trout for incredible umami.    

Fish Facts
Salmon is low in fat and high in protein - ~7 ounces of salmon sashimi has approximately 3 grams of saturated fat (15 percent daily value) and 95 grams of protein, equivalent to 13 ounces of red meat. Low in calories and high in protein, each serving of steelhead trout is approximately 250 calories and provides 28 grams of protein. 

Both salmon and steelhead trout are sustainably harvested.

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