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Tuna Lover's Gift Special

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Product Description
Fish For Sushi's Tuna Lover's Gift Special

Our tuna lover's gift special features:
•  9 ounces premium bigeye tuna
•  9 ounces premium yellowfin tuna
•  1 diced bigeye tuna
•  1 diced yellowfin tuna
•  One package masago
•  Five white rice sheets
•  One white rice nigiri
•  One Little Soya Soy Sauce
•  One nori half sheet
•  One package wasabi

Tuna Lovers Gift Special
Enjoy our Super Frozen Tuna Lover's Gift Special this holiday.  Our Tuna Lover's Gift Special features various succulent tunas, along with delicious Masago. Our fish are all-natural with no added preservatives.  Simply follow our defrosting instructions and you can enjoy our savory products specially selected for you at home.

Tuna Lovers Gift Special Facts
Bigeye Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna are most popular tunas served in restaurants.
Tuna and Masago offer excellent amounts of heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids.
All fish choices in this package are lean proteins, fitting perfectly into your healthy holiday diet.
Masago is free of saturated fat.
Our Super Frozen technology preserves the freshness of seafood in it's best natural state.

How to Prepare
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